Carton Products

Folding cartons are one of the most commonly used containers in nearly every industry. From opening and filling to closing and wrapping, the process must remain smooth and consistent. Durable and reliable belts and products are necessary to help bring carton products from beginning concept to finished product. MIR provides solutions that decrease production downtime as well as increase production speeds and efficiencies. Our services and belting product solutions help our customers meet the demands of their most challenging carton production applications:

Application Solution
Folder/Gluer MIR provides improved material and tooling solutions that provide faster belt replacement
Compression Tables MIR provides stronger belting material options with potential cost savings to several competitors
Feed Belts MIR provides rubber and urethane foam covered feed belts that provide exceptional abrasion resistance
Carrier and Fold Section Belts MIR provides roll stock belting, along with proper tools and training that will allow the plant to install their own belts, saving time and money
Main and Side Folding Belts MIR has a variety of finger spliceable belt options that eliminate the need for a cement and solvent system

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