Envelope/Mail Sorting

In the postal industry, speed and accuracy are required to get packages and envelopes from point A to point B. It is important that conveyor systems operate efficiently, with the ability to avoid binding and jamming. As the landscape in the postal industry continues to change, MIR can work to provide customers with products and solutions to maximize uptime, improve reliability, and increase production rates. Our continuous improvement experts have experience in all areas of postal conveyor applications:

Application Solution
SSIU Photo Sorting MIR provides high quality polymers and thinner belts that require less torque to drive
Sorter Incline MIR provides modified texture covers that help improve sorting accuracy
Vacuum Transfer and High Temperature Gluing Conveyors MIR performs its own in-house perforating to reduce OEM lead times and offers several high temperature belt options
Mail Sorting MIR provides belting products and materials that help maintain proper tension and prevent product marking
Dryer Belt MIR products durable belting options with high splice tolerance that run efficiently and reduce product build-up

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