Diaper, Tissue, Towel

There are very demanding applications in the Diaper, Tissue, Towel industry. Incredible speeds, high abrasion, adhesive release, and impact all play a major role in a material selection per application in these facilities.  Our customers demand long product service life and short installation timelines to maximize their machines’ potential uptime.  Our focus is to set each application as an individual success, which makes the entire process run efficiently.  Our continuous improvement specialists can provide you with the right solution for all of diaper, tissue, towel applications:

Application Solution
Thread-Up Belts MIR fabricates externally high frequency bonded loops on belts that prevent belt tearing in the slits of the belt
Perini Unwind MIR provides Spiral Tech belting options that can hold up to the demands of unwind stands
Transfer MIR provides non-marking high tensile strength belting options with mechanical splices that don’t pull out or damage product
Flight Bar Belts MIR offers pin splice timing belts that allow for easier installation
Diaper Machine Rollers MIR provides a variety of coatings that provide greater wear resistance and create less paper build up

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