The bottling/canning industry includes several segments, from filling and packaging to case handling. Whether a customer’s facility is bottling or canning product in PET, glass bottles, or aluminum cans, different combinations of modular and fabric belting are essential to the production process from when the bottle is first placed on the line to when the finished product leaves the facility. Belts and chains play important roles in bottling and canning applications, with different conveying solutions required for filling and packaging and the various manufacturing stages. Our continuous improvement specialists can provide you with the right solution for all of your bottling and canning applications:

Application Solution
PET Inclines MIR provides on site installation of PET inclines using superior products both in belting and cleat material providing longer life and better resistance to damage
Case Sealers and Taper Belts MIR provides red longitudinal belting material constructed from a high-grade PVC that lasts longer and maintains its grip throughout the life of the belt
Multi-Lane Conveyors MIR provides high quality belting materials that perform exceptionally well in this demanding application where variable speeds and transfers are common
Pasteurizer MIR provides belting solutions designed to resist thermal expansion
Accumulation Table MIR provides belting solutions that provide product stability during transfer as well as a low friction surface
Case Packers MIR provides precision made vacuum belts, infeed, discharge and overwrap belts for all models of case packers

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