Parts & Accessories

In addition to providing plants with customized conveyor, Positive Drive, plastic modular and timing belts, MIR supplies the belting and conveyor accessories needed to successfully run a facility. Whether you need an upgraded pneumatic tracker, a repair to your drum motor or new matting for your facility, our belting experts will provide you with the items you need — ensuring your conveyor system runs and operates smoothly.

Here is an overview of the belting and conveyor accessories we provide through connections with the best manufacturers in the industry — a one-stop shop for all your conveyor system products. Don’t see an item you need? Chat with one of our conveyor belting experts — chances are, if it has something to do with conveying, we can provide it for you.

Mechanical Replacement Parts

A well-constructed belt needs a reliable mechanical system to convey products successfully. Here is a brief list of the conveyor accessories we supply to ensure your application runs reliably and efficiently:


Drum Motors

MIR provides drum motors for material handling and processing applications. Drum motors reduce space needed, energy costs and eliminates hazards associated with traditional drives. We offer a wide array of drum motors, providing various speeds and lagging to support your belting needs.


Modular Sprockets

MIR can optimize your modular belt by helping you select the appropriate sprockets for your application. Sprockets offer precise movement, quality tracking, easy installation, and maintenance.


Pneumatic Trackers

Pneumatic belt trackers provide control with contact-free edge sensing, reducing the edge wear of the belts. Belt trackers are continuous self-correcting, mechanical systems designed to maintain a conveyor belt’s position while increasing belt life.


Pulleys / Rollers

MIR carries heavy-duty and lightweight pulleys that are designed to be long-lasting, cost-efficient solutions for material handling challenges. MIR can also remove and re-coat rollers with the same durometer, compound and specs as the original.

Pulleys We Carry Include:
  • Drive
  • Motorized
  • Positive Drive
  • Plastic Modular
  • Winged
Rollers We Carry Include:
  • Idlers
  • Chain Driven
  • Anvil
  • Troughing

Cleaning Accessories

Maintaining belt cleanliness helps your plant meet sanitation standards and prevents unnecessary build-up on your equipment, leading to a longer belt lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. The cleaning accessories we supply include:


Belt Lifters

MIR provides belt lifters, for sanitation and cleaning. We offer pivot and cantilever belt lifters. A belt lifter is a mechanical device where the belt can be raised up and off the conveyor frame to allow a thorough cleaning of both the top and bottom of the belt. Lifters are located on the top side of the conveyor.


Belt Scrapers

MIR stocks dual-durometer, metal detectable scraper blades for quick replacements. Scrapers are commonly required for the Food Industry because of sticky foods and hygienic concerns. Many foods cling to the conveyor belt and its components, even those featuring non-stick properties. Scrapers can be added to remove stuck-on items from the belt, improving cleaning and sanitation.

Removing built-up product from the belt extends the life of the belt and its components, leading to reduced downtime an increase in productivity. To find the right scraper for your application, speak with your MIR Continuous Improvement Specialist.


Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are a sanitation solution installed to clean the conveyor belt and components without disassembly. Cleaning-in-place reduces the maintenance and downtime from traditional cleaning processes. The reduction in downtime and labor makes this a cost-effective solution to keep your application running and clean.

Benefits of CIP Systems:
  • Less Downtime
  • Costs savings from reduced labor
  • Clean more efficiently than a worker
  • Drives profitability through more uptime and higher production capabilities

Conveyor System Accessories

A variety of parts are essential for an operation to run successfully. Here are some of the accessories we provide for conveyor systems and facilities:


Catch Cloths

Catch cloths keep your facility clean and safe by catching crumbs or other debris to then empty and continue operations. MIR provides catch cloth features such as oil, mold and mildew resistant to name a few. We provide options with zippers, windows, drain plugs and stay put hooks.



Depanner Suction Cups

MIR utilizes advanced technology and materials to improve depanning baked goods and increase your throughput.

Benefits of MIR #29330:

• Custom and standard alternating row hole patterns    • Sizes to fit all depanner equipment manufactures    • Metal detectable cups and retainers available    • Sanitary homogeneous endless splicing


Filtration Bags and Socks

Filtration bags remove contaminants and particles from water, oils, solvents, foods, beverages, acids and alkalies. Filtration bags and socks are available for fast shipments in standard sizes.



Gaskets and Sheet Rubber Die Cut Parts

MIR provides a variety of gaskets including flat, thick rubber (1/8” or 3/16”) options in a variety of compounds such as metal detectable, gum, neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM and XNBR.






MIR provides a wide range of hoses for various industries and applications. We carry Air, Chemical, Food (meeting FDA, USDA and 3-A standards), Material Handling, Mine Spray, Petroleum, Steam and Water hoses to name a few.


Silcone, Teflon & Fiberglass Tapes

MIR provides Silcone, Teflon and Fiberglass tapes that are engineered for a wide range of manufacturing applications such as hot seal packaging, seal bars and mold release to name a few.

Features Include:

• High Release    • Extreme Temperature Resistant    • Chemically Inert   • FDA-Compliant


Teflon Belting

Teflon conveyor belts combine a non-stick surface and heat resistance of PTFE with the dimensional stability of fiberglass. These belts are commonly used in high temperature settings where release and cooling are important features.



Brands We Supply

MIR pulls from the world market of vendors to provide you with the highest-performing belts and accessories. Suppliers we work with include:

Whether you need a replacement belt, belt accessory, a customized conveyor system or 24/7 repair service, MIR is your go-to conveyor belting resource. Talk to one of our conveyor belting experts on how we can custom-engineer a belt that meets your application’s needs and leads to increased plant productivity. Start a conversation today.