Positive Drive Belting

Positive Drive (PD) is a conglomeration of customized thermoplastic materials and products that are custom-engineered and fabricated to operate on a positive drive belting system. MIR prides itself on providing innovative, engineered solutions for our customers’ most demanding conveyor needs. Our PD Team has the ability to analyze conveyor applications, determine and document operating inefficiencies, estimate our customers ROI and provide a custom fabricated solution. From corrugated sidewalls and multiple flight designs to endless splicing and custom lacing, we can provide our customers with the best solution to fit their needs.
Positive Drive offers many sustainable solutions for manufacturing facilities in almost any type of environment and application. The PD product lines have proven to offer a sustainable solution for the following: 

Positive Drive provides a smooth, solid, high release surface that enhances the ability to transfer product, reducing waste and increasing product yields. Fixed sidewall accessories can be molded to the PD belt, providing a sanitary method for product containment.
The solid, one piece thermoplastic belt can reduce sanitation time and associated water consumption by more than 50 percent. PD belts are lightweight and easy to lift for effective sanitization of the belt and conveyor bed. Extruded positive drive belts eliminate hinge points which are difficult to clean and can harbor bacteria and allergens.
Positive Drive Technology eliminates connecting pins, which wear and cause belt failure. Durable urethanes used in the PD product lines provide excellent resistance to sanitation chemicals.

positive drive sidewalls
positive drive curved flights
positive drive lace and perforated
positive drive flights pulley

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