Midwest Industrial Rubber, Inc. (MIR) is a privately-owned corporation specializing in the fabrication and distribution of lightweight conveyor belting and industrial conveyor products. We focus on providing value-added products and services through our nationwide network of full service sales & fabrication facilities and satellite branches located across the United States, with our corporate headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri.

MIR was founded in January 1980 in response to the needs of manufacturing facilities to have in-plant expertise, as well as access to products and services that minimize downtime and increase productivity. Over the years, we have expanded across America as more and more of our customers have requested services within proximity to their facilities.

Exceptional service and commitment to quality: That is what has earned MIR a reputation as the premier independent specialty fabricator and distributor of lightweight belting and conveyor accessories in North America.

Mission statement

Our mission is to enhance MIR’s market leadership position by creating an open environment of partnership with employees and suppliers to best service our customers.

Vision statement

We believe in making business an enjoyable, hassle-free experience for our customers. There is no such thing as an unreasonable request. We will create expectations for our customers and exceed them at every opportunity. Our order will be delivered on time, every time, to the best of our ability.

We believe that quality products are a result of quality people. Every employee will be treated with trust and respect. Every employee will be dedicated to doing the job right for the customer in a safe, enthusiastic and productive manner. We encourage risk taking and tolerate mistakes as long as we can learn from them.

We are not satisfied with mediocrity and status quo. We are in the business of providing world-class products and services to our customers. We have a responsibility to our employees, our stakeholders, and ultimately to our customers, to be recognized as the highest valued supplier.