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The MIR Belting Audit™ Request
The MIR Belting Audit™ Request

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Automotive & Metal Stamping

Automotive & Metal Stamping facilities process aluminum and steel into fundamental parts for vehicle doors, hoods, tailgates and more. These must be stamped and die cut with extreme accuracy and precision, then cleaned and handled with the utmost care — particularly Class A parts, which can’t come away with a single mark. To meet these standards, Automotive & Metal Stamping facilities need reliable conveying equipment that can keep up with the speeds of production lines. Chipped or flaked belts cannot damage the die-cut parts, so abrasion and chemical resistance is vital. MIR provides conveyor, timing, plastic modular and precision-made vacuum belting solutions made endless or with mar-proof hidden lacing for application lines such as:

  • Blanking lines
  • Stacking and de-stacking lines
  • Press lines
  • Packout lines

Aluminum Extrusion

The extrusion process for aluminum is a demanding process. Materials reach extreme temperatures to form billets into complex component shapes for further uses across automotive, construction and product packaging uses. Aluminum is heated to up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve desired hardness, finish and other metallurgical properties — and the belting must also handle those high temperatures. Belts for Aluminum Extrusion facilities must also offer abrasion resistance and reliable belting life as to not jeopardize production capabilities. MIR provides belting for every step of the extrusion process with Kevlar®, PBO, Nomex and Polyester timing belts with endless, welded or pin splicing. We provide conveyor belting products for application lines such as:

  • In-feed lines
  • Exit lines
  • Forming lines
  • Cooling lines


Tires are essential equipment for automobiles, aircraft landing gear, farm equipment, industrial vehicles and more. The process of forming rubber, carbon black and sulfur into tires with the proper tread, sidewalls and beads is a demanding process, and the conveyor belt materials must be incredibly durable. Excellent product release is also essential to prevent rubber from sticking to the belts and to orient the products for accurate fabrication. Easy installation, long belt life and innovative belting technology are also essential for these facilities. To meet these needs, MIR provides 3 ply and 4 ply HSW, timing belts, plastic modular belts, rough top belting and motorized pulleys for these application lines:

  • Mixing lines
  • Curing lines
  • Tire building lines
  • Tread / re-tread lines
  • Distribution lines

The demanding production processes at Automotive & Metal facilities require durable, non-marking, high-release belts to withstand abrasion, chemicals and heat while effi

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