The MIR Belting Audit™
The MIR Belting Audit™

Get a line-by-line itemization of potential ROI for each improvement — at no cost to your facility.

Baking & Confectionery

Baking & Confectionery facilities face many complicated challenges conveying ingredients, doughs, formed products and packages — often incredibly delicate — through the manufacturing process. Additionally, these processes must be completed with high speed and efficiency to maintain freshness and satisfy strict FDA, AIB and BISSC sanitation standards.

Conveyor belts that aid faster product cooling, increase product yield and reduce waste are necessary for these facilities. Belts with sanitary splices, easy clean up and metal detectable options can address contamination issues and ensure facilities pass sanitation inspections. Additionally, conveyor belts offering high product release or grip, superior thermal conductive properties, oil-resistant surfaces and positive tracking aid with overall facility efficiency and throughput.

MIR engineers and fabricates conveyor belts in polyester, polyurethane, silicone, neoprene, Teflon and Positive Drive for Baking & Confectionery applications such as:

  • Rotary molders and cutting
  • Pre-sheeters and sheeters
  • Laminating belts
  • Product incline applications
  • Dough elevators
  • Dusting conveyors
  • Pan stackers and un-stackers
  • Dough panning
  • Lane cutting and spreading
  • Oven infeed and exit
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Moulding and rounding
  • Pan incline applications
  • Vertical dough pump

Fruit & Vegetable

Facilities processing fresh produce must handle products gently, quickly and with the highest regard for sanitation. Fruit & Vegetable facilities need belts that meet FDA and FSMA guidelines to prevent contamination and protect consumer safety. Spoilage must also be minimized, so conveyor belts that facilitate quick harvesting, washing, cutting, packaging and conveying for produce of all varieties is essential.

To meet these requirements, MIR fabricates belts with increased durability and product release that also reduce product abrasion to minimize waste. Our engineers provide Positive Drive conveyor belts and perforated belt solutions fabricated in-house for applications such as:

  • Produce washing
  • Produce sorting
  • Elevator and incline
  • Container and general conveying
  • Sterilization

Grain Milling & Feed

The Grain Milling & Feed industry moves tons of grain and feed every day and requires belts that can handle products in a sanitary and gentle manner. MIR provides incline belts, powerful drive and pulley combinations and specialized splicing for the demanding applications of this industry. We also offer custom cleating and belting for the following applications:

  • Packaging storage
  • Grain thrower belts
  • Product transfer bags and sleeves

Pet Food

As the public demands more health-conscious and nutritious pet food, manufacturers continue to meet the needs with high quality, FDA- and USDA-compliant wet food, dry food and specialty treat products.

For these complex conveying needs, Pet Food facilities require conveyor systems that address food safety, product cross-contamination and allow for easy detection of foreign materials. In addition, belts with increased grip, simple maintenance and durability for demanding applications help reduce waste and minimize operation costs. MIR fabricates belts that meet these needs, as well as finger spliceable belts, spiral technology solutions, Kevlar® reinforced thermoplastics and anti-wicking belts. We provide belts for Pet Food applications such as:

  • Rotary molder
  • Slicer / dicer equipment
  • Incline to chunker
  • Incline to palletizer
  • Hopper to VFFS
  • Bagger

Snack Food

Complex packaging, sticky products, limited shelf life — the characteristics of the Snack Food industry create distinctive manufacturing and processing challenges. Facilities must keep up with the ever-growing demand and constant changes of this industry and ensure throughput remains reliable and uninterrupted.

For conveying these unique products, Snack Food plants need belts with excellent release properties of gummy products and increased dye extraction. Additionally, easy-to-clean surfaces and sanitary splices aid facility managers in addressing food safety concerns, while belts with surface textures or proportioning capabilities allow facilities to meet production goals and reduce waste. MIR engineers belting solutions for Snack Food application lines such as:

  • Gummy candy conveyor
  • Vertical form, fill, seal
  • Product incline applications
  • Rotary moulding

USDA & Dairy

Production facilities for USDA meat and poultry products process goods at high speeds and under stringent sanitation standards. The same goes for plants producing dairy products filling grocery stores and restaurants across the country. For USDA facilities, all equipment — especially conveyor belts — must be designed with sanitary characteristics and be able to withstand daily scrubbing and sanitizing. Conveyor belts for dairy facilities must receive 3A Council approval, meeting sanitation and contamination regulations.

MIR provides conveyor belting products that meet these strict sanitation needs and reduce food safety risks. We engineer belts that are resistant to daily cleaning, durable for bulk product applications and easy to install. We provide belts for USDA & Dairy application lines such as:

  • Slicer belts
  • Patty former
  • Dip tanks
  • Bulk product transfers
  • Trim lines
  • Frozen block inclines
  • Shredding
  • Cubing
  • Processing


To meet strict sanitation standards, reduce product waste and minimize downtime, your Food Processing facility needs reliable conveyor belts engineered to your application’s exact needs. Click here to request a quote.

The MIR Belting Audit™
The MIR Belting Audit™

Get a line-by-line itemization of potential ROI for each improvement — at no cost to your facility.