Conveyor Belt Repair and Replacement

Conveyor systems do rigorous work, moving products at high speeds under intense physical or chemical duress. Even the best-designed conveyor belts need repairs and replacements, and these services must be completed efficiently and by trained professionals. When the need arises for break-fix services, MIR’s conveyor belting experts are ready to provide 24/7 repair and replacement for your facility.

What repair and replacement services does MIR provide?

If a belt at your facility shows signs of damage or has a complete breakdown, MIR’s conveyor belt technicians will provide break-fix services to ensure your facility has minimal downtime. Our team will efficiently install the new replacement belt and verify correct tracking, splicing and pulley placement on your application line in a timely manner.

In the case of minimal to moderate damage to a belt, our team can also conduct repairs with vulcanization, metal fasteners or cold curing. These are used as a temporary solution until a window of downtime for replacement, and only for non-food-grade processes. When our conveyor belt technicians arrive on site, they’ll recommend repair or replacement methods that will be most advantageous to your plant’s safety and reliability.

The MIR Belting Audit™ Request
The MIR Belting Audit™ Request

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When and where can MIR provide repair and replacement?

All of our locations are 24/7 service centers — click here to find your nearest service center. If a belt breaks down during a late-night production cycle, our team can be on site within hours. Also, with a national footprint of belting resources available and a multitude of off-the-shelf products ready to ship within a day, we can ensure a fast turnaround to quickly return your facility to full operating capacity. For customized belting products, we still maintain competitive turnarounds with our in-house fabrication capabilities.

How are MIR’s conveyor belt technicians trained?

Our belting technicians are thoroughly trained in safety best-practices for facilities, and our company is ISN verified. When responding to around-the-clock calls for conveyor belt repairs and replacements, they arrive in proper dress for plant repairs with personal protection equipment. They immediately establish a facility point of contact, the location of safety stops and proper wiring techniques for your facility. Then, the technicians complete the repair or replacement job with the necessary tools (such as vulcanizers, splicers, belt stretchers, V-guide tools and spare materials) in a timely manner, working within the window of downtime. MIR technicians are trained to value facility manager satisfaction above all, and always schedule a follow-up visit to verify the belting solution is working flawlessly for your application line.

Even on the best-designed conveyor systems, some repairs and replacements are unavoidable — but not all. During the MIR Belting Audit™, a conveyor belt expert will analyze your conveyor systems, point out potential areas of improvement and propose ROI-driven solutions. The result? Future breakdowns are prevented and your plant reliability improves. Sign up for this free service.

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