Distribution Centers

Logistics, speed, and reliability are the driving factors that allow distribution facilities to process, sort, and ship packages to their final destinations in a timely manner. MIR offers a variety of belting solutions such as high-grip covers, non-marking compounds, belting with noise reduction properties, reliable high speed transfer belts, and other products essential for a distribution center to run successfully. MIR provides an experienced solutions sales team that can assist customers in all aspects of their distribution center conveying applications:

Application Solution
Pallet Handling MIR provides belting options capable of withstanding the rigors of conveying pallets
Power Turns MIR provides power turn belting options that can be manufactured to exact OEM specifications
Live Roller Conveyors MIR provides belting options with low elongation and superior lace retention
Deceleration / Metering Conveyors MIR provides belting solutions with high grip to reduce slippage and allow for accurate scans
Merge Conveyors MIR fabricates wide 1-piece belting with guides that do not require sewing
Incline Conveyors MIR provides belting options that are able to provide high grip in harsh and dusty environments