What are Positive Drive conveyor belts?

The MIR Belting Audit™
The MIR Belting Audit™

Get a line-by-line itemization of potential ROI for each improvement — at no cost to your facility.

Positive Drive conveyor belts are a type of conveyor belt extruded out of one piece of homogenous thermoplastic urethane. They come in various thicknesses and cover characteristics and can be custom-engineered with a variety of add-ons. The monolithic belt is positively driven by a conveyor belt drive propelling it forward, and is locked into side-to-side motion from positive tracking. Positive Drive is often used in food processing because of its high sanitation, but is also tough enough for harsh and abrasive applications.

The MIR Belting Audit™
The MIR Belting Audit™

Get a line-by-line itemization of potential ROI for each improvement — at no cost to your facility.

Advantages of Positive Drive belts

Positive Drive offers many advantages for conveying applications that can lead to better product sanitation, reduced downtime for maintenance and cleaning, up to two to three times belt life in certain applications and an overall increased throughput.

Plastic modular belting is prevalent in plants for its distinct advantages in food and non-food applications alike. The following characteristics of plastic modular belting can lead to reduced downtime, lowered maintenance costs and an overall improved bottom line.

Customization options

Positive Drive belting best conveys materials when built to fit to the application — that’s where MIR’s customization capabilities come in. With our high-frequency welding units and experienced belting experts, you’ll get a Positive Drive belt that eliminates product waste and improves overall reliability. And because all our customization occurs in-house, we can react quickly on lead times and make adjustments ourselves, ensuring a best-fit product in a quick turnaround. Our Positive Drive customization options include:

  • Straight or curved sidewalls
  • Straight or scooped flights
  • Texture
  • Perforation
  • V-guides
  • Endless splicing
  • Mechanical or plastic lacing
  • Metal detectable options

Considerations for Positive Drive

Plant managers should be aware that Positive Drive belts are limited on the heat they can withstand — they will start to show wear starting at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. For conveyor applications undergoing high heat, consider our other conveyor belting options, or speak with a belting expert to determine the best-fit belt for your application line.

Positive Drive belting brands

MIR provides customers with Positive Drive belts from the following brands:

  • Volta SuperDrive
  • Volta Dual Drive
  • Intralox Thermodrive
  • Chiorino HP Compact Drive
  • Cog-Veyor
  • Gates Mectrol
  • Magnathane

From these top-notch brands, we offer 61 different Positive Drive style belts, with limitless customization configurations. Reach out to a conveyor belting expert to discuss how you can improve your plant’s sanitation, efficiency and maintenance with highly customized Positive Drive conveyor belts.