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Our customers at processing facilities across industries are tasked with ensuring conveyor systems operate efficiently, minimize waste and meet throughput goals. But like any complex mechanical system, issues arise under the strenuous operating conditions.

To meet these conveyor belting needs, we specialize in the fabrication and distribution of lightweight conveyor belting and industrial conveyor products. We focus on providing value-added products and services through our nationwide network of full-service sales and fabrication facilities. When facility managers notice an issue with their conveyor system, we’re the full-service belting provider that’s always on call.

The MIR Belting Audit™ Request
The MIR Belting Audit™ Request

Get a line-by-line itemization of potential ROI for each improvement — at no cost to your facility.

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Conveyor belting problems we solve

Our customers seek our expertise when a conveyor belt:

  • Shows signs of damage.
  • Has a complete breakdown.
  • Causes excess waste.
  • Doesn’t meet sanitation standards.

They also seek us out when their belt provider:

  • Isn’t cost-competitive.
  • Doesn’t meet necessary response time.
  • Can’t deliver or install efficiently.
  • Only provides products, not solutions.

MIR solves these problems with best-in-class conveyor belting products and thoroughly trained technicians to implement services. Get to know our product offerings and service capabilities, and read on below for our areas of expertise that benefit your facility’s reliability, throughput and bottom line.

What makes us different?

Customized and specialized solutions

MIR can source, supply and fabricate all of the conveyor belts, pulleys and accessories your facility needs to operate. And because we engineer your full conveyor system with all of the components in mind, you can be confident in your conveyor’s ability to function under rigorous production line conditions. We offer:

  • Best-in-class fabrication capabilities: With expansive inventory and the latest fabrication tools and equipment, we can design and build belting matched to your unique application — even if it’s a style that’s never been done before.
  • Latest technology: We work with the best manufacturers from around the world, and have access to their engineering and R&D teams to match the product to your needs and deliver the best solution available.
  • Global brand access. We aren’t tied to a single vendor — meaning you have access to product brands across the globe and will always get a best-fit product for your application line.

Partnership and problem solving

Simply put, we don’t stop at one solution. We put this philosophy to work in product selection and service implementation, playing an active part in improving your facility’s efficiency, throughput and bottom-line. We offer:

  • Auditing expertise: Through decades of working with thousands of facilities nationwide, we know how to access and generate actionable audit data with the MIR Belting Audit™.
  • Focus on TCO: Belt replacement cost is just one factor, and our highly trained sales team is also focused on product selection, maintenance, application and lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Holistic approach: We think beyond belting; we understand the full life cycle, from installation to maintenance to replacement.

Global resources and local service

When a conveyor belt breaks down or shows signs of damage, you need responses — fast. Our teams are efficient at implementing these break-fix services, getting your production lines up and running again and minimizing costly downtime. We offer:

  • 24/7 Responsiveness for break / fix: When conveyors are down, everything stops. Our experts, located strategically throughout the country, are standing by to assist 24 hours a day.
  • Unparalleled inventory management: With local stocking capabilities and redundant inventory in nearby locations, we ensure we have the products you need locally with minimal lead time.
  • Locations throughout the nation: With dozens of facilities located in strategic metro areas across the U.S., our team of experts and unparalleled inventory are only minutes away.
  • Fabrication and installation: Our experience has driven processes that deliver best-in-class belt fabrication and installation, resulting in more uptime and less callbacks.

Education and training

The MIR sales team is fully trained in fabrication and material applications, and are always searching for new belting technology that improves your conveyor system. From the initial conversation with your MIR sales representative to the final post-installment discussion with your MIR technician, you’ll leave thinking, “They know what they’re talking about.” We offer:

  • Technical training programs: We make sure both our employees and customers are up to date with the industry’s latest solutions. Employees go through mandatory product and safety training multiple times a year.
  • Career advancement opportunities: With many employees staying a majority of their career, we make sure they have paths to grow — both through in-house and third-party leadership training.
  • Emphasis on safety: Each and every employee in all of our facilities is educated continuously about safe handling of both products and equipment.
  • Continuous improvement (CI): There is no status quo; we develop and implement CI programs for each customer, partnering with them to ensure that we drive better performance across multiple metrics.

Conveyor belting solutions since 1980

MIR, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was founded in January 1980 in response to the needs of manufacturing facilities to have in-plant expertise, as well as access to products and services that minimize downtime and increase productivity. Over the years, we have expanded across America as more and more of our customers have requested services with proximities to their facilities. Exceptional service and commitment to quality: That is what has earned MIR a reputation as the premier independent specialty fabricator and distributor of lightweight belting and conveyor accessories in North America for over 40 years.   

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