Conveyor Belts Overview

MIR, the largest fabricating distributor of conveyor belts in the United States, offers a broad range of options to move products. With an array of belting solutions including traditional conveyor, plastic modular, synchronous and positive drive, MIR and its 26 US locations provide quick service and fast response to industries like Food, Logistics, Box, Carton and Paper, Personal Care and Hygiene and more. Whether you need a belt that performs at increased running speeds, meets USDA regulations or simply replaces the belt you’re currently running, MIR will provide a best-fit belt for the product you’re conveying.

What conveyor belting products does MIR provide?

For maintenance and engineering managers in need of conveyor belting, MIR provides high-quality fabric conveyor belts for lightweight and medium-weight industrial applications. Scroll down to see a sampling of the industry application lines for which we offer belts, our customization abilities and the brands we source.


Fabric conveyor belts fulfill the needs of many conveyor systems, but there are other belt options available for plant managers. MIR also engineers and provides:

In addition to supplying the belts themselves, MIR is also committed to providing insight and services for all your conveyor system needs. During the process of acquiring a new belt, our conveyor belting experts will build a partnership with your team to determine areas for system efficiency, storeroom and maintenance improvement — solving problems and providing long-term value for your conveyor system.

Once your belting system has been engineered and delivered on-schedule, our 24/7 conveyor belt repair teams are on stand-by at MIR locations throughout the country. Click here to learn more about MIR’s commitment to quality service alongside quality belting.

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The MIR Belting Audit™ Request

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Conveyor belting for industry applications

At MIR, we supply conveyor belting for plants in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the major industries we serve and examples of the application lines for which we supply belting. Don’t see your industry or specific application line here? Reach out to one of our conveyor belting experts — chances are, if it’s a belt in your plant, we can supply it.

Box, Carton & Paper

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For plants processing Box, Carton & Paper products, belts with high grip, abrasion resistance, high lacing retention and easy installation are necessary to efficiently convey items. We provide belts for Box, Carton & Paper applications such as:

  • Folding rail belts
  • Counter ejector belts
  • Extendo / prefeeder belts
  • Elevator belts
  • Knife exit belts
  • Downstacker belts
  • Folder gluer feed belts
  • Center carrier belts

Click here to see our full Box, Carton & Paper belting capabilities

Food Processing

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The goods produced at Food Processing facilities can vary greatly, from Baking & Confectionery to Snack Food to USDA & Dairy. These plants require food-grade belts with superior thermal conductive properties, oil-resistant surfaces, abrasion resistance and superior sanitation capabilities. We provide belts for Food Processing applications such as:

  • Slicer belts
  • Dip tanks
  • Produce washing and sorting
  • Rotary molders and cutting
  • Dough elevators
  • Pan stackers and un-stackers
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Oven infeed and exit

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Warehouse & Distribution Centers

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Systems at Warehouses & Distribution Centers convey thousands of cartons, totes, pallets and components with little room for error. They require belts with high-grip covers for accurate scans in dusty environments, non-marking compounds and noise-reduction properties. We provide belts for Warehouse & Distribution Center applications such as:

  • Pallet handling
  • Power turns
  • Live roller conveyors
  • Deceleration / metering conveyors
  • Merge conveyors
  • Incline conveyors
  • Sorting conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors

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Personal Care & Hygiene

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The delicate products and unconventionally shaped containers of this industry require non-marking, high-strength, high-speed belts. They must also provide exact precision while meeting strict FDA regulations. We provide belts for Personal Care & Hygiene applications such as:

  • Vacuum cappers
  • Transition applications
  • Accumulation tables
  • Thread-up rope belting
  • Transfer belts
  • Side seal wrapper belts

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Automotive & Metal

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The processing of steel, aluminum and rubber to make components for automotive, construction and product packaging uses is extremely abrasive. To produce these goods, Automotive & Metal facilities require durable, non-marking, high-release belts to withstand abrasion, chemicals and heat while efficiently conveying products. We provide belts for Automotive & Metal applications such as:

  • Blanking lines
  • Press lines
  • In-feed lines
  • Exit lines
  • Forming lines
  • Cooling lines
  • Curing lines
  • Tire building lines

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Other Industries

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The above list is an overview of the application lines and industries for which we supply and engineer belts. We also supply belting for application lines at Bottling & Canning facilities, Recycling facilities, Card Personalization facilities, Circuit Board facilities and more. Click here to learn more about these additional belting capabilitiesDon’t see your industry or specific application line here? Start a conversation with an MIR conveyor belting expert to see how we can fulfill your plant’s conveyor belting needs.

Customization options

Once MIR finds the best-fit conveyor belt material, our belting experts custom-engineer the belt to your product and application line. These customization capabilities ensure your conveyor system improves throughput, reduces downtime and maximizes your plant’s ROI. MIR can customize your belt with:

  • Tracking guides
  • Cleats (straight up, scoop)
  • Sidewalls (straight, curved or corrugated)
  • Endless splicing
  • Mechanical or plastic lacing

We implement customization with high-end equipment such as CNC machines, high-frequency welders, digital skivers, digital perforation machines and high-speed presses. And because we customize all of our belts in-house, we can ensure an efficient turnaround and a best-fit product every time.

Conveyor belting brands MIR provides

When fabricating and engineering a conveyor belt, MIR pulls from the world market of vendors to provide you with the highest-performing belts. The conveyor belting suppliers we work with include:

  • Ammeraal Beltech
  • BEHAbelt
  • Belt Corporation of America
  • Beltservice Corporation
  • Chemprene Inc.
  • Chiorino
  • Conveyor Component Systems
  • DercoUSA
  • Esbelt
  • Flexco
  • Forbo
  • Gates Mectrol
  • Megadyne Group
  • Mol Belting Systems
  • Mulhern Belting, Inc.
  • Nitta Corporation of America
  • Passaic Rubber Company
  • Sampla Belting
  • Shingle Belting
  • Siftex
  • SIT
  • Universal Belting Resource
  • uni
  • Van der Graaf
  • Volta
  • YongLi Belting

Whether you need a replacement belt, a customized conveyor system or 24/7 repair service, MIR is your go-to conveyor belting resource. Talk to one of our conveyor belting experts on how we can custom-engineer a belt that meets your application’s needs and leads to increased plant productivity. Start a conversation today.

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