Indexing application mis-tracking causes unforeseen downtime

On this indexing equipment, the V-guide was detaching due to small pulley diameter, causing the belt to mis-track and tear. The damage had been necessitating a belt replacement roughly every two weeks, creating unforeseen downtime and excessive maintenance costs. The Baking facility needed a way to track the belt without the customary V-guide and guarantee the material could stand up to the indexing application, which is particularly stressful on V-guides.

MIR’s solution and facility savings

MIR’s conveyor belting experts recommended an FDA-compliant urethane belt with cord reinforcement, endless splicing and no cover. To address the tracking issue, the belt has custom-machined teeth, which allow for excellent tracking on the system. The solution took the lifespan from two weeks to a much-improved 4.5 months. Because of the longer lifespan and improved tracking capability, the Baking plant’s belt spend for this indexing application decreased from $7,269.60 to $2,157.36 — a 70% savings for the facility.

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Case study highlights

V-guide mis-tracking on indexing application


FDA-compliant urethane belt with cord reinforcement, endless splicing, no cover and custom-machined teeth


$5,112.24 in savings

The MIR Belting Audit™
The MIR Belting Audit™

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