Case study: Indexing application solution saves facility 70% on replacement costs

The complex packaging and sticky products at Baking facilities create distinctive processing challenges. At this facility processing a nationally sold, individually wrapped snack pastry, conveyor belt equipment indexes and feeds the product into the packaging area. There, the pastries are then packed in flexible plastic packaging.

Indexing application mis-tracking causes unforeseen downtime

On this indexing equipment, the V-guide was detaching due to small pulley diameter, causing the belt to mis-track and tear. The damage had been necessitating a belt replacement roughly every two weeks, creating unforeseen downtime and excessive maintenance costs. The Baking facility needed a way to track the belt without the customary V-guide and guarantee the material could stand up to the indexing application, which is particularly stressful on V-guides.

MIR’s solution and facility savings

MIR’s conveyor belting experts recommended an FDA-compliant urethane belt with cord reinforcement, endless splicing and no cover. To address the tracking issue, the belt has custom-machined teeth, which allow for excellent tracking on the system. The solution took the lifespan from two weeks to a much-improved 4.5 months. Because of the longer lifespan and improved tracking capability, the Baking plant’s belt spend for this indexing application decreased from $7,269.60 to $2,157.36 — a 70% savings for the facility.

Conveyor belting problems causing frequent replacements, mis-tracking or product damage are costly to your facility. Consider a belting audit with an experienced conveyor belting expert and stay ahead of conveyor belting issues. Sign up for the MIR Belting Audit™.

Case study highlights


Food Processing

V-guide mis-tracking on indexing application


FDA-compliant urethane belt with cord reinforcement, endless splicing, no cover and custom-machined teeth


$5,112.24 in savings

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