MIR Belting’s Rapid Response: A Customer-Centric Triumph

MIR Belting demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction by swiftly resolving a major tire manufacturing company's production line downtime. Steve Schatteman and the Customer Solutions team provided a quick quote, and within days, specialized belting was couriered and installed, leaving the customer operational. This success exemplifies MIR Belting's customer-centric approach, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering rapid, reliable solutions through its 24/7 on-site services.

MIR Belting’s Rapid Response: A Customer-Centric Triumph

St. Louis, MO – December 1, 2023

In a recent customer success story, MIR Belting showcased its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction by swiftly resolving a critical situation for a major tire manufacturing company.

When the customer faced production line downtime, Steve Schatteman, Industrial Sales Representative, was contacted early in the morning. By noon, our Customer Solutions team provided a quote, working closely with our operations team in Kansas City, and the order was confirmed promptly.

The urgency of the situation prompted a rapid response. The specialized belting (22’4”x 118” with V Guide and Angle Step lap) was couriered from Kansas City to St. Louis on the same day. Nathan Beseau led the fabrication process in St. Louis on the following day.

On the next day, Nathan Beseau and David Strain efficiently installed the belting at the tire manufacturing facility in the north of Illinois, despite the three-hour drive. The quick turnaround left the customer operational and satisfied.

“We understand the critical nature of our customers’ operations and are committed to delivering solutions that match their urgency,” said Nathan Beseau, emphasizing MIR Belting’s dedication to customer needs.

This success story exemplifies MIR Belting’s customer-centric approach, as Nathan Beseau noted, “Our team is always ready to go the extra mile to keep our customers up and running.”

For those seeking rapid, reliable solutions, MIR Belting’s 24/7 on-site services, showcased in this success case, stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact 877-MIR-BELT for prompt assistance today.

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Production line downtime faced by a major tire manufacturing company


Providing rapid on-site services, including a quick quote, same-day courier of specialized belting, and efficient installation by MIR Belting's team

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