Case study: How an unwind and rewind belt solution reduced downtime

The complex manufacturing process of Tissue & Towel products requires fine precision and reliability, particularly on unwind and rewind applications. On a single station unwind and rewind line, the facility manager at a major North American paper converting manufacturer needed conveyor belts that controlled precise speeds and web tension within the converting process while avoiding product defects.

High conductivity causes downtime on unwind and rewind belt

The unwind and rewind application at this facility faced an issue with high conductivity. This occurs when two different materials touch and separate and create high levels of process charge, and a non-optimal belting material exacerbates this problem exponentially. The high conductivity led to additional downtime for cleaning the belts daily — a significant 30 minutes out of every shift — causing a decrease in productivity and potential bottom line losses.

MIR’s solution and facility savings

MIR’s conveyor belting technicians installed a polyester spiral screen belt with carboxylated surface backing to address the high conductivity problem and decrease installation costs. Additionally, the improved spec will minimize uneven surface wear and glossing while increasing operational performance with heat-resistant elastomers. The enhanced spec will also significantly reduce high fiber contamination by using materials with the correct high conductive values, reducing cleaning frequencies for the facility’s maintenance team.

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Case study highlights


Personal Care & Hygiene

High conductivity on unwind and rewind belt


Polyester spiral screen belt


Decreased downtime and increased productivity

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