Conveyor Belts Overview2

What conveyor belting products does MIR provide?

For maintenance and engineering managers in need of conveyor belting, MIR provides high-quality fabric conveyor belts for lightweight and medium-weight industrial applications. Scroll down to see a sampling of the industry application lines for which we offer belts, our customization abilities and the brands we source.

Fabric conveyor belts fulfill the needs of many conveyor systems, but there are other belt options available for plant managers. MIR also engineers and provides:

In addition to supplying the belts themselves, MIR is also committed to providing insight and services for all your conveyor system needs. During the process of acquiring a new belt, our conveyor belting experts will build a partnership with your team to determine areas for system efficiency, storeroom and maintenance improvement — solving problems and providing long-term value for your conveyor system.

Once your belting system has been engineered and delivered on-schedule, our 24/7 conveyor belt repair teams are on stand-by at MIR locations throughout the country. Click here to learn more about MIR’s commitment to quality service alongside quality belting.

Conveyor belting for industry applications

At MIR, we supply conveyor belting for plants in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the major industries we serve and examples of the application lines for which we supply belting. Don’t see your industry or specific application line here? Reach out to one of our conveyor belting experts — chances are, if it’s a belt in your plant, we can supply it.


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The goods produced at Food Processing facilities can vary greatly, from Baking & Confectionery to Snack Food to USDA & Dairy. These plants require food-grade belts with superior thermal conductive properties, oil-resistant surfaces, abrasion resistance and superior sanitation capabilities. We provide belts for Food Processing applications such as:

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