Guide to conveyor belt maintenance and repair

Download our guide to conveyor belt maintenance and repair

Industrial conveyor belts in every industry, from distribution centers to USDA facilities to snack food plants, undergo rigorous working conditions. Maintenance and engineering managers know even the best-designed conveyor belts require repairs or maintenance — which is why knowing how to efficiently repair belts and prevent future damage is so important.

In this guide to conveyor belt maintenance and repair, we’ll walk you through the important elements of a conveyor belt maintenance program, ensuring your plant can quickly return to full operating capacity.

You’ll learn:

  • How to repair belts with vulcanization, metal fasteners or cold curing
  • When to repair a belt versus when to replace a belt
  • Why belt tracking is important for conveyor systems
  • What to check when your belt is mistracking
  • How to create a conveyor belt maintenance plan
  • How to self-inspect your conveyor belt system

This guide also includes a printable conveyor belt maintenance checklist to use on the job. Download the guide today to improve your maintenance program and troubleshoot basic conveyor belt issues.

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