Baking & Confectionery

The baking and confectionery industry consistently faces many unique challenges in the conveying process, while also incurring a short shelf life. Application challenges can consist of product release, tracking, belt reliability, food safety concerns, and contamination issues. MIR can provide you with the products and solutions that meet your throughput goals, reduce product waste, and enhance your food safety efforts. We provide products and services that support the most common baking applications:

Application Solution
Cooling Tunnels MIR provides high release belts with superior thermal conductive properties that allow for faster product cooling and higher product yield
Vertical Dough Pump MIR can retrofit friction driven fabric belting to Positive Drive thermoplastic, allowing for better release and no belt stretching with positive tracking
Pan Incline Applications MR provides belting solutions that provide positive carry, easy clean up, and improved food safety
Moulding and Rounding MIR provides belting surface textures that enhance the moulding process for all dough types
Product Incline Applications MIR provides belting material solutions that improve product sanitation, grip, and release
Oven Take Off MIR provides belting materials and products that provide improved resistance to high heat, belt stretching, and splice failure

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