Pet Food

Most pet owners treat their pets just like family members and want their dinner bowl to be filled with quality food similar to the food that we put on our dinner table. Pet food manufacturers face similar challenges as manufacturers governed by the FDA and USDA. Primary concerns include food safety, waste reduction, effective sanitation, and product cross contamination, as well as the ability to easily detect and identify foreign materials. The belting experts at MIR can provide you with solutions to reduce your total operating costs and improve your most challenging conveyor applications:

Application Solution
Rotary Molder MIR provides finger splieceable and nosebar suitable offerings that eliminate additional fabrication steps for cotton products
Slicer/Dicer Equipment MIR provides anti-wicking and KevlarTM reinforced thermoplastics to eliminate capped edge, pvc products
Incline to Chunker MIR provides impact resistant flat or modular belting that can withstand the impact of these demanding applications
Incline to Palletizer MIR provides belting solutions that provide increased grip for improved throughput
Hopper to VFFS MIR provides spiral technology solutions in enclosed hoppers, allowing maintenance to quickly and efficiently install endless belting without vulcanizers or mechanical lace
Bagger MIR provides several customized belting materials and styles to improve belt life at a lower cost

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