Belting Accessories

In addition to providing plants with customized conveyor, plastic modular, Positive Drive and timing belts, MIR supplies the belting and conveyor accessories needed to successfully run a facility. Whether you need an upgraded pneumatic tracker, a repair to your drum motor or new matting for your facility, our belting experts will provide you with the items you need — ensuring your conveyor system runs and operates smoothly.

Here is an overview of the belting and conveyor accessories we provide through connections with the best manufacturers in the industry — a one-stop shop for all your conveyor system products. Don’t see an item you need? Chat with one of our conveyor belting experts — chances are, if it has something to do with conveying, we can provide it for you.

Mechanical replacement parts

A well-constructed belt needs a reliable mechanical system to convey products successfully. Here is a brief list of the mechanical conveyor accessories we supply to ensure your application line runs reliability and efficiently:

  • Drum motors (MIR is a certified Van der Graaf repair center)
  • Pneumatic trackers
  • Rollers
  • Troughing idlers
  • Quick-release take ups
  • Sprockets
  • UHMW or specialty compound wear strips
  • Belt lifters


Cleaning accessories

Maintaining belt cleanliness helps your plant meet sanitation standards and prevents unnecessary build-up on your equipment, leading to a longer belt lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. The cleaning accessories we supply include:

  • Belt scrapers
  • Belt scrubbers
  • CIP (clean-in-place) systems


Conveyor system and facility accessories

A variety of parts are essential for an operation to run successfully. Here are some of the accessories we provide for conveyor systems and facilities:

  • Depanner suction cups
  • Gaskets and sheet rubber die cut parts
  • Silicon, Teflon and fiberglass tapes
  • Filtration bags and socks
  • Teflon belting
  • Matting
  • Door curtains
  • Catch clothes
  • Hoses
  • Tubing

Have a question about replacing a conveyor belt accessory? Reach out to one of our conveyor belting experts, who will use their industry knowledge and connections with top manufacturers to find any accessory and return your facility to optimal operating efficiency.

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