Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are one of the most versatile packing materials in the world. Each year, millions of individuals and businesses from across the globe use corrugated boxes to ship, store, and display their products. A product of such high demand requires high-volume, therefore production requires belts that can operate at high speeds and inclines, and provide abrasion resistance and non-marking capabilities. Our team of continuous improvement specialists will help provide you with the solutions our customers need in all areas of corrugated box applications:

Application Solution
Vacuum Folding Rail Belts MIR provides folding rail belts with spiral link technology that provides superior splice strength which survives most jam ups.
Bundle Breaker MIR provides belting solutions that provide superior grip and superior wear resistance
Counter Ejector Belts MIR provides multiple solutions that provide consistent grip and can hold up to the accumulation of boxes on top of the belt
Extendo Prefeeder Belt and Lift Table MIR provides belting material that increases grab and provides consistent wear characteristics andeliminates board skewing
Elevator Belt/Corrugator MIR provides belting solutions that reduce stretch and rot and increase belt life

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