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The automotive and metal stamping industry operates in a way that requires production in facilities to maintain reliable equipment that can keep up with product demands and resist abrasion. From tires to auto parts, production line failures can lead to financial losses. Aluminum profile extrusion systems can utilize profiles involving large quantities and complex component shapes that require precision handling and durable belting. Our continuous improvement specialists provide customers with the right solutions on belting applications throughout the automotive and metal stamping industry to keep their production lines running consistently and efficiently:

Application Solution
Robotic Picking MIR provides skid-free surface and abrasion resistant offerings to keep products in place and resist excessive wearing
Walk-off Tables MIR provides a black Neoprene felt covered Zip Link option that requires less time for installation and can also be used as an emergency spare or permanent solution
Aluminum Extrusion MIR provides 2-ply longitudinal groove belts with a thick PVC cover for long life and a smaller minimum pulley diameter. We also provide high-temperature PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester belts, sleeves, pads, and rollers for every step of the aluminum extrusion process
Roller Lagging MIR provides optionsĀ for roller coatingsĀ inside metal handling plants that can increase wear resistance
Bruno – Die Cutting / Sound Proofing MIR provides abrasion and cut resistant surface belting options that allow for clean die cuts
Blank Feed Conveyors MIR provides custom perforated/milled timing belts and flat belts with multiple abrasion and oil resistant covers available

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