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Solution Spotlight | Corrugator Knife Exit Belt

CORRUGATOR KNIFE EXIT BELT Minimize Installation Time. Eliminate Board Marking. MIR has Spiral-Tech® Carboxylated NBR that is easy to install, eliminates board marking and mechanical lace failure point on your Knife Exit Belt section.   Benefits: Eliminates metal lace 100% splice recovery Eliminates product marking High tension rating Abrasion resistant Excellent pulley grip Noodle resistant […]

Solution Spotlight | Carbon Fiber Roll Replacement

CARBON FIBER ROLL REPLACEMENT Increase Reliability. Minimize PM Cycle. Minimize your PM cycle and maintenance – reduce your cost with MIR’s low-cost alternative to carbon fiber rolls. Benefits: Lower cost alternative to carbon fiber rolls Lightweight aluminum core Low rotational inertia High release polymer coating High impact resistance Long operational performance Lower maintenance and PM […]

Solution Spotlight | Slicer Belts

SLICER BELTS Immediate Shipping. Cost Savings. MIR’s slicer belts are durable and only require changing about twice a year. That is a significant cost and time saving. In comparison, competitors belts often only last 1 week. Benefits: In-stock for immediate delivery 2 belt changes per year in comparison with 52 from a competitor’s belt Less […]

Solution Spotlight | Modular for Tortilla, Flat Bread & Pizza

MODULAR FOR TORTILLA, FLAT BREAD & PIZZA Hygienic. Low Maintenance. MIR has modular solutions for your tortilla, flat bread or pizza production. Recommended products and features vary per application. Our plastic modular belts are used in masa/dough handling, entering/exiting oven, bridge to cooling, multi-tiered cooling, counter-stacker and packaging. Features Available: Open Modules have Minimal Product […]

Latest News

Apr. 13, 2024

Exciting News: Our Location in Denver has Moved!

Exciting News: Our Location in Denver has Moved! We are thrilled to announce that our company’s Denver location has moved to a new address. This move signifies an important milestone in our commitment to better serve our customers and enhance our overall operations. New Address:1020 W 124th Avenue | Suite 400 | Building CWestminster, CO […]

Apr. 4, 2024

Celebrate National Beer Day with MIR Belting: Toasting Innovation in the Beverage Industry

Celebrate National Beer Day with MIR Belting: Toasting Innovation in the Beverage Industry As enthusiasts and aficionados around the globe raise their glasses to celebrate National Beer Day this coming Sunday – April 7th, MIR Belting is joining the festivities with a spotlight on how our Slat Top Chain belts are playing and indispensable role […]

Mar. 19, 2024

Celebrating Global Recycling Day with MIR Belting: Sustainable Solutions for the Recycling Industry

Celebrating Global Recycling Day with MIR Belting:Sustainable Solutions for the Recycling Industry As the world unites to celebrate Global Recycling Day on March 18th, MIR Belting proudly stands as a symbol of innovation and service, offering a comprehensive range of specialized belts tailored to meet the unique demands of the recycling industry. The growth of […]

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