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Tensile Strength Advantage Up to 108%

MIR has modular solutions for your meat & poultry applications. Recommended products and features vary per application.


Sloped Underside • Hinge Driven Sprocket Engagement  • Larger Pin Diameter • Easy Assembly/Disassembly • Clean in Idle or Drive • Impact Resistant • Superior Pin Retention



  • Tensile Strength Advantage – Up to 108%
  • Sloped Underside – Allows for liquid drainage and reduced build-up
  • Larger Pin Diameters – Offers stiffness and longevity + abrasion resistant pin options
  • Unique Lockpin Design – Easy assembly & disassembly
  • Tapered Belt Hinges – Spraying and cleaning while idle or in drive
  • Center Bar – Offers underside wear surface and impact resistance
  • USDA NSF certification for MPB Closed 2” pitch
  • Hygienic 2” pitch MPB design principles also for 1” pitch S-MPB & 2.5” pitch X-MPB series


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