Discover MIR’s Offering for the Dematic 45 MM Live Roller: Your Reliable End User Live Roller Solution


Megadyne introduces MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 – a power transmission belt designed to meet the needs of live rollers in automated warehouse systems.

In the realm of modern intralogistics, power transmission belt systems must meet rigorous criteria: reliability, durability, and efficiency. Critical to live roller belt performance is its interaction with transfer rollers. The belt must exhibit flexibility while driving the metal rollers. This flexibility ensures smooth navigation through the roller conveyors. The choice of belt material and design is crucial for achieving a balance—providing the required friction to drive the metal rollers for secure item transfer and reducing drag to minimize energy consumption.

MEGALINEAR Live Roller End-User 45 mm meets all of the above criteria and more!


MEGALINEAR MLRE-45 is manufactured from polyurethane 85 ShA, in standard yellow with black anti-static fabric on the back of the belt



  • High strength aramid tensile members
  • Yellow finish for easy wear detection
  • High friction drive surface for reliable operation
  • Black anti-static fabric for improved performance and longer life.


  • Standard Width: 45 mm
  • Standard Length: 200 m open-end roll
  • Thickness: 4.7 mm
  • Max traction load: 4,025 N
  • Breaking strength: 16,100 N
  • Working temperature: -13 / +176 °F (-25 / +80 °C)



  • High grip and less slip on the belt drive side
  • Anti-static fabric to reduce wear and improved performance of driving rollers • flexible belt construction
  • Designed to resist ozone and temperature degradation

High Efficiency

  • Stable tension over time
  • Smooth running

Less Maintenance:

  • Easy installation
  • fast and easy replacement on-site
  • Easily spliced using common splicing equipment

Energy Saving

  • Low energy consumption due to high flexibility
  • Optimized CoF improves energy efficiency

Cost Saving

  • Easily maintained
  • Energy-efficient designe

Main Applications by Industry:

MIR #2121858

MIR Belting Leads Industry in
Promoting Workplace Safety and Health Practices

St. Louis, Missouri – As a leading provider of conveyor belting and industrial conveyor products, We have taken a significant step forward in emphasizing the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. In alignment with World Safety and Health Day on April 28, we have launched a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering safety measures and health awareness both within the organization and across industry.

Since January 1980, we have committed to deliver quality products and services through our vast network of full-service sales and fabrication facilities across the U.S. With a keen understanding of the integral role that safety and health play in productivity and efficiency, we also have consistently championed measures that exceed standard requirements, underscoring our status as a leader in the field.

“Our mission has always been to forge a true partnership with our customers and our global supply through unparalleled expertise and custom solutions,” said our Spokesperson. “An essential part of this commitment is ensuring the safety and health of our employees who are the backbone of our success.”

In preparation for World Safety and Health Day, MIR Belting has introduced several key initiatives aimed at fostering a healthier and safer work environment:

  • Comprehensive Safety Training: A thorough training program catering not just to new employees but also offering regular refreshers for existing staff.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: Initiatives designed to encourage physical well-being, mental health awareness, and overall wellness among the workforces.
  • Safety Audits: Regular audits of processes and facilities to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a safe workplace for all.
  • Community Engagement: A series of talks and workshops that leverage MIR Belting’s industry knowledge to promote broader awareness on the importance of workplace safety and health.

Our focus on safety and health is in direct correlation with our reputation as the premier independent specialty fabricator and distributor of lightweight belting and conveyor accessories in North America. This emphasis not only illustrates our commitment to employees and stakeholders but also sets a benchmark for industry standards on a global scale.

Our initiatives also highlight the significance of prioritizing workplace safety and health, not just on World Safety and Health Day, but as an integral part of everyday operations. Through continuous improvement, dedication, and superior service, MIR Belting aims to maintain our position as a leading force in providing not only world-class services but also in advocating for a safer and healthier industry.

For more information about MIR and its safety and health initiatives, visit MIR’s website or contact our customer service team directly at

Exciting News: Our Location in Denver has Moved!

We are thrilled to announce that our company’s Denver location has moved to a new address. This move signifies an important milestone in our commitment to better serve our customers and enhance our overall operations.

New Address:
1020 W 124th Avenue | Suite 400 | Building C
Westminster, CO 80234

Our decision to move to a new location was driven by a desire to improve our services and provide a more convenient and welcoming space for our customers. While our physical address has changed, it’s important to note that our dedication to providing exceptional service and being available for you 24/7 remains unwavering.

This relocation allows us to create a more efficient and customer-focused environment, enabling us to meet your needs with even greater speed and precision. The new address will be updated across all our platforms, ensuring that you always have the most current information at your fingertips.

We are confident that this move will enable us to serve you better and offer an enhanced experience. Our team is excited about this change and looks forward to continuing to exceed your expectations from our new Denver location.

Should you have any questions or require further information on our relocation, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at 877-MIR-BELT or email us at Our customer support team is available 24/7/365. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Thank you for your continued support. and we look forward to serving you from our new Denver address!

Celebrate National Beer Day with MIR Belting:
Toasting Innovation in the Beverage Industry

As enthusiasts and aficionados around the globe raise their glasses to celebrate National Beer Day this coming Sunday – April 7th, MIR Belting is joining the festivities with a spotlight on how our Slat Top Chain belts are playing and indispensable role in the beverage industry, especially in the world of beer production.

In an industry where efficiency and reliability are vital, MIR Belting’s Slat Top Chain belts emerge as the essential solution for breweries large and small. Known for their durability and versatility, these conveyor belts meet the dynamic needs of beer bottling and canning lines, ensuring a seamless production process from brew kettle to consumer.

What sets MIR’s Slat Top Chain belts apart is not just their ability to handle various container sizes and shapes with ease, but also their exceptional resistance to the corrosive effects of hops, yeast, and cleaning chemicals commonly used in breweries. Additionally, their modular design allows for quick repairs and adjustments, minimizing downtime and keeping production lines flowing smoothly.

But it’s not all about the technical benefits. MIR Belting’s commitment to innovation and quality reflects in every Slat Top Chain belt we produce, mirroring the craftsmanship and passion brewers pour into every batch of beer. It’s a partnership that not only enhances efficiency but also supports the creative and experimental spirit that defines the craft beer industry.

As we toast to National Beer Day, we invite you to dive deeper into the world of conveyor technology and its impact on the beverage industry. Join Stacy Bashline from Ammeraal Beltech in our webinar, “Solutions Spotlight: Exploring Conveyor Slat Top Chain,” available on our website. Discover firsthand how MIR Belting’s solutions are not just about moving products, but about moving the industry forward.

Raise your glass to innovation, efficiency, and the fine art of brewing. Cheers to National Beer Day, and here’s to many more!

Watch the webinar here: Exploring Conveyor Slat Top Chain with Stacy Bashline

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