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Redefining Efficiency in Meat Processing with uni DTB

Redefining Efficiency in Meat Processing with uni DTB

Innovation for Longevity

Experience the unparalleled power of the uni DTB, our cutting-edge modular belt designed with decades of industry expertise. Transform your operations with features crafted to enhance belt lifetime, reduce costs, and elevate productivity.

Main Features:

  • Optimized belt design
  • Reduced knife-impact area
  • Reinforced belt edges for durability
  • Cut-resistant properties
  • Increased top-deck surface for extended lifetime
  • Standard in Polyketone, ideal for deboning and trimming
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Minimized risk of foreign body product contamination
  • Smart engineering
  • Single Link® up to 28″
  • Fast and easy mounting/dismounting with lock-pin technology
  • 8mm lock pin for extra robustness
  • UltraClean DTB one-part sprockets
  • Best-in-Class Features and Benefits:

    1. S-Shaped Hinge for Precision: Minimizes the knife-impact area for increased wear-resistance.
    2. Top-Deck Surface Redesigned: Optimized hinge size for an extended belt lifetime.
    3. Robust 25mm (1”) Hinge: Strengthens belt edges, improving endurance and stability.
    4. Special Open Hinge Design: Tailored for optimal CIM/CIP cleaning, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
    5. Innovative 8mm Lock Pin Standard: Reduces maintenance costs and facilitates fast, easy mounting and dismounting.

    The uni DTB isn’t just a belt; it’s a comprehensive solution to challenges in primary meat processing. With thoughtfully engineered characteristics and associated benefits, it’s the best-in-class choice for your operations.

    Contact us today to explore how the uni DTB can redefine efficiency and longevity in your processing line.

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