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Solution Spotlight | Duraclean™

Unique Cover. Low Surface Energy. High Release. 

Manufactured with a unique top side coating, Duraclean™ provides low convey-side surface energy to improve the release of sticky products often found in the bakery & confectionary food segments.

Surface energy is a measure of adhesion of two materials – in our case, the product conveyed and the belt conveying surface. Our unique cover yields a very low surface energy measure which means excellent product release properties, less product waste, scrapability, and more efficient line uptime, meaning less time cleaning your belt.

Additionally, Duraclean’s polyurethane blended cover provides excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for use in applications where belt scrapers utilize knife edge transfer applications.


  • Excellent release properties, suitable for conveying sticky products
  • Longitudinal flexibility, suitable for knife edge transfer
  • Easy to clean surface, leading to reduced waste and less cost for cleaning
  • Excellent abrasion resistance of top side, allowing the use of all kinds of scrapers and leading to longer service life
  • A wide working temperature range from -20/-30°C to +90/110°C
  • Compliance with EU and FDA food regulations

Common Applications:

  • Energy bar and chocolate cooling tunnels
  • Flow-pack belt infeeder
  • Bakery dough handling
  • Lamination processes of sticky food

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