MIR Belting Launches #BeltYourFuture Campaign to Shape Careers with Innovation and Passion

MIR Belting Launches #BeltYourFuture Campaign to Shape Careers with Innovation and Passion

MIR Belting is excited to announce the launch of its #BeltYourFuture campaign, an innovative recruiting initiative designed to attract and nurture the best talent in the belting industry. This campaign cleverly plays on the dual meaning of ‘belting’ and ‘building,’ underscoring MIR’s commitment to not only manufacturing top-quality belts and services but also constructing robust career paths for its employees.

The campaign, showcased on the revamped MIR Belting Careers page (, is rooted in the company’s customer-centric philosophy. “At MIR, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. This customer-first approach extends to our employees, whom we view as our internal customers,” states Mark Hambacker, President of MIR Belting. “Through #BeltYourFuture, we aim to attract professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.”

MIR’s association with the AMMEGA group opens doors to a world of opportunities beyond the MIR business. As a part of a global conglomerate, MIR offers its employees the chance to engage in diverse, cross-functional, and international projects, providing a broad spectrum of career development prospects.

The campaign’s highlight is the personal stories from MIR’s employees, including Mark Jadwin, Brian Hick, Collin Clayton, Crystal Bailley, Jill Bogard, Lyndsie Anders, Melissa Schumacher, and Nathan Beseau. Their shared experiences on the MIR website and soon on LinkedIn, through videos and detailed posts, offer a glimpse into MIR’s vibrant culture and its dedication to employee growth and satisfaction.

“We are immensely thankful to our team for their honest and inspiring participation in this campaign,” remarks Hambacker. “Their stories embody our commitment to our people and our customers.”

The #BeltYourFuture campaign on LinkedIn will further extend this narrative, providing insights into the dynamic and customer-focused environment at MIR. This platform will continually feature updates on employee experiences, company achievements, and industry innovations.

Join MIR Belting to be a part of a journey that goes beyond the ordinary. With MIR’s focus on customer centricity and its position within the global AMMEGA group, the possibilities for professional growth and impact are limitless.

Discover more about the #BeltYourFuture campaign and career opportunities at MIR Belting by visiting and following their LinkedIn page for the latest updates.

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