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Our Latest Heat-Resistant Synthetic Belt for Bakeries – Duratemp

Our Latest Heat-Resistant Synthetic Belt for Bakeries – Duratemp

Heat resistance stands as a paramount concern in the bakery industry. In addition to efficiency and hygiene, conveyor belts must endure relentless heat without faltering or compromising safety. Traditional belts often struggle under elevated temperatures, succumbing to degradation and maintenance issues.

To tackle this challenge head-on, we proudly present Duratemp – a breakthrough belt engineered to excel under demanding conditions. Designed to thrive in constant temperatures of 115°C and withstand heat spikes up to 130°C, Duratemp sets a new standard for heat-resistant performance. Our specially formulated compound resists browning better than competing thermoplastic belts, ensuring consistent quality throughout your bakery operations.

While Duratemp’s standout feature is its ability to withstand high temperatures, we remain steadfast in prioritizing food safety. Compliant with EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, and FDA regulations, Duratemp boasts a non-stick surface that minimizes contamination risks. Compatible with metal detector systems, it offers an additional layer of defense against foreign object contamination.

Drawing on decades of conveyor solutions expertise across various industries, we’ve tailored Duratemp to meet the unique demands of the bakery sector. Whether used for traditional staples like bread and cookies or specialized items such as pizzas and tortillas, Duratemp’s purpose-built features ensure peak performance and longevity. Its exceptional longitudinal flexibility allows the belt to navigate fixed knife edges seamlessly, enhancing operational efficiency.

Main features

  • High temperature resistance, withstanding peaks up to +130 °C
  • 2-ply thermoplastic polyurethane in white
  • Top flexibility up to only 6 mm diameter on fix knife edge
  • Low friction on bottom side
  • Food grade compliant as regards EC 1935/2004, EU 10/201, and FDA


  • Solid perfomance at high temperatures
  • Reduced browning effect
  • Non-wicking impregnation
  • Extended lifetime
  • Easy and reliable splicing, even on-site
  • Efficient tracking with high lateral stability
  • Can be used with metal-detector systems

Typical applications

  • Bakery oven take-off and infeed belt
  • Pizza, tortillas and biscuits processing line

With Duratemp, you can count on consistent performance and durability, even in your most challenging bakery applications. Want to learn more about how Duratemp can elevate your operations?

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