MIR Belting Leads Industry in Promoting Workplace Safety and Health Practices

MIR Belting Leads Industry in
Promoting Workplace Safety and Health Practices

St. Louis, Missouri – As a leading provider of conveyor belting and industrial conveyor products, We have taken a significant step forward in emphasizing the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. In alignment with World Safety and Health Day on April 28, we have launched a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering safety measures and health awareness both within the organization and across industry.

Since January 1980, we have committed to deliver quality products and services through our vast network of full-service sales and fabrication facilities across the U.S. With a keen understanding of the integral role that safety and health play in productivity and efficiency, we also have consistently championed measures that exceed standard requirements, underscoring our status as a leader in the field.

“Our mission has always been to forge a true partnership with our customers and our global supply through unparalleled expertise and custom solutions,” said our Spokesperson. “An essential part of this commitment is ensuring the safety and health of our employees who are the backbone of our success.”

In preparation for World Safety and Health Day, MIR Belting has introduced several key initiatives aimed at fostering a healthier and safer work environment:

  • Comprehensive Safety Training: A thorough training program catering not just to new employees but also offering regular refreshers for existing staff.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: Initiatives designed to encourage physical well-being, mental health awareness, and overall wellness among the workforces.
  • Safety Audits: Regular audits of processes and facilities to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a safe workplace for all.
  • Community Engagement: A series of talks and workshops that leverage MIR Belting’s industry knowledge to promote broader awareness on the importance of workplace safety and health.

Our focus on safety and health is in direct correlation with our reputation as the premier independent specialty fabricator and distributor of lightweight belting and conveyor accessories in North America. This emphasis not only illustrates our commitment to employees and stakeholders but also sets a benchmark for industry standards on a global scale.

Our initiatives also highlight the significance of prioritizing workplace safety and health, not just on World Safety and Health Day, but as an integral part of everyday operations. Through continuous improvement, dedication, and superior service, MIR Belting aims to maintain our position as a leading force in providing not only world-class services but also in advocating for a safer and healthier industry.

For more information about MIR and its safety and health initiatives, visit MIR’s website or contact our customer service team directly at

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