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Solution Spotlight | Thermoplastic Belting

THERMOPLASTIC BELTING Encapsulated Belt Construction. MIR #2015984 does not require edge sealing and is perfect for applications where sanitation & hygiene are a priority. Features and Benefits: Homogeneous TPU Easy to Clean Strong Tension Members Stable Belt Properties Excellent for Trough Bulk Transfers Simple Endless Splices Performed in the Field Metal Detectable Option Available   […]

Solution Spotlight | Bakery & Confectionery Belt

BAKERY & CONFECTIONERY BELT Improve Performance. Increase Throughput. MIR# 1903199 is the most current advancements in premier belting technology that can support your baking & confectionery applications. This belt is ideal for moulding tables, sheeters, and laminators. Benefits: High temperature resistance High resistance to oils Anti-bacterial for safer food production 1/2” minimum radius Excellent on […]

Solution Spotlight | Modular Radius Belting

MODULAR RADIUS BELTING Robust Construction. Tight Radius Capable. MIR has modular radius belts that can smoothly transfer products between conveying surfaces – minimizing stress and fatigue. These sideflex belts are capable of inside turns as low as 1.6 times the belt width.    Robust design that smoothly transfers products between conveying surfaces – minimizing stress […]

Solution Spotlight | Corrugator Elevator Belts

CORRUGATOR ELEVATOR BELTS Seamless Alternative for Elevator Belts Do you ever experience marking of your board from the belts? Struggle with elongation, lace pullout, or fraying? MIR can provide a seamless alternative for the top and bottom elevator belts to solve those problems. Benefits: MIR’s Spiral Tech Cotton Belts Solve These Issues Spiral Tech cotton […]

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Jun. 29, 2023

We Are Expanding | Louisville, KY

MIR Continues to Grow, Expanding Our National Footprint Moving into Louisville, KY MIR is expanding into a new facility, giving us room for growth. We offer 24/7/365 onsite & emergency service. We specialize in custom fabrications, innovative solutions, and problem resolution – keeping your business moving forward. New Location Details: 5,500+ sq ft. for Fabrication […]

May. 10, 2023

How a Durable Automotive Hood Line Solution Led to $68,000 in Savings

Chronic belt cutting causes costly replacements These automotive hood lines had traditionally moved face-up parts from press to press with no issue. But newly introduced part lines created a chronic problem with the sharp edges of parts facing down and cutting belts, and the severe damage caused failure on the top covers of the standard […]

May. 2, 2023

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