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Solutions Spotlight: Exploring Conveyor Slat Top Chain with Stacy Bashline from Ammeraal Beltech

Solutions Spotlight: Exploring Conveyor Slat Top
Chain with Stacy Bashline from Ammeraal Beltech

MIR Belting is excited to bring you an insightful webinar, where we dive into the world of conveyor slat top chains. In partnership with Ammeraal Beltech, our goal is to shed light on our conveyor slat top chain offerings. The webinar, hosted by Braden Tedrow, Industrial Sales Representative from MIR Belting, features the expertise of Stacy Bashline, Product Marketing Manager from Ammeraal Beltech. The event provided an in-depth look at the advancements in conveyor technology and the strategic expansion of Ammeraal Beltech in the United States.

During the webinar, Bashline highlighted uni’s broad chain portfolio, emphasizing the differences between modular belts and chains. They also covered the various types of chains, including Plastic, Steel, and Snap-on chains, and presented a detailed overview of each type’s unique features and applications. One of the key focus areas was the innovative Chain breaker tool, available at MIR Belting. This tool simplifies the process of replacing chains, marking a significant advancement in maintenance and operational efficiency.

Stacy Bashline took the opportunity to shed light on Ammeraal Beltech’s substantial expansion in the United States. Central to this growth is the company’s UNI Modular facility in Southeast Pennsylvania, strategically positioned to better serve major markets. Bashline pointed out that the expansion from a 60,000 square foot facility to nearly double the space in the past two years has significantly enhanced their molding capabilities and improved assembly and warehousing. This expansion has not only accelerated delivery times but also led to more competitive pricing, directly benefiting clients like MIR Belting.

Further underscoring the company’s commitment to the U.S. market, Bashline announced Ammeraal Beltech’s plans to increase their product stock by 2024. This includes molding higher capacities of top-selling items and expanding their core offering from 18 to 77 parts. This strategic growth in product range and capacity highlights the company’s dedication to meeting the evolving market demands and customer needs in the U.S.

Click the link below to watch the full webinar, covering this topic and many others. HERE

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